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    201aaaa000000028,Origin of zhejiang yu building materials co., LTD,Clinch a deal the HangZheng store(2017)31No. Business、Business compatible social parking lot projects---Mobile home purchase contracts。

    201aaaa000000028,Zhejiang far into seiko technology company,Clinch a deal the transformation and upgrading of haiyan fastener demonstration garden project(The second phase)Engineering steel components procurement contracts。

    201aaaa000000026,Hangzhou times suitable house energy saving technology co., LTD,Clinch a deal the MeiCheng Town small towns environment comprehensive improvement project five blocks--Comprehensive environmental control engineering glazed tile procurement contract ZongFu street.

    201aaaa000000026,Hangzhou city industrial co., LTD,Clinch a deal the changyuan project steel procurement contract。

    201aaaa000000026,Jiande shunfa jiande shun industrial equipment installation co., LTD,Clinch a deal the stainless steel pipe。

    201aaaa000000025,Hangzhou ChuanMa trade co., LTD,Clinch a deal the ningbo hangzhou bay seashore city binhai seven road(Primus-Xing eight-way)Municipal engineering-4Bridge bridge plate purchasing contract。

    201aaaa000000025,Hangzhou delta Asia supplies co., LTD,Clinch a deal the yiwu ancient pond land engineering—Steel procurement supplementary agreement(Hangzhou delta Asia)。

    201aaaa000000025,Before ningguo city jin door industry co., LTD,Clinch a deal the asimco anhui sealing technology co., LTD2#Workshop、1#The subcontract for warehouse construction aluminum alloy doors and Windows。

    201aaaa000000025,Hangzhou thick power supplies co., LTD,Clinch a deal the emerald city northwest land phase ii project—Caigang watts, etc material procurement contracts(The final version)。

    201aaaa000000025,Hangzhou dashan new wall materials co., LTD ,Clinch a deal the autoclaved aerated concrete block sales contract(Aerated block)。

    201aaaa000000024,Hangzhou hao power steel co., LTD,Clinch a deal the HangZheng store(2017)31No. Business,Business is compatible with social engineering parking lot-------Embedded galvanized iron plate purchasing contract。

    201aaaa000000024,Hangzhou yuhang district ShuChen liangzhu street building materials business,Clinch a deal the hangzhou Xiao Zheng store【2017】3Date plot construction and installation engineering---Cement block purchasing supplementary contract。

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    JCSP2017070003Hangzhou waste transfer station renovation projectHangzhouSteel wire drawing201aaaa000000022 23:59
    JCSP2017070002The cold and the pit for urban village reconstruction villagers apartment blockWuyiTransportation vehicles20T201aaaa000000020 23:59
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  • 【Management aspect】Doing fine Tree brand Create a“HangGou”Characteristics of concrete mixing station——Even MAO and other leaders to HangGou group chairman·Concrete binary company inspection guidance
    【Management aspect】Doing fine Tree brand Create a“HangGou”Characteristics of concrete mixing station...3Month13Day,It was a sunny day,HangGou·Concrete binary company ushered in the hangzhou construction group chairman to MAO、Vice chairman of the party committee secretary Zheng Yuhui、Pei yan-xin, general manager of a line of leadership,Zhou Yongyuan HangGou group general manager、Deputy party secretary lu xiang and HangGou·Concrete binary company manager Shao Huafeng accompanied by group leadership inspection production base。Throughout the year...