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Gongyi city branch and mechanical equipment co., LTD. Is located in zhengzhou, the capital of henan province, with nine dynasties luoyang gongyi city。Longhai railway、310National highway、Even huo highway traverses。After 20 years of hard struggle,Our factory has developed into a screw press、Peanut oil press、Small oil press equipment,Centrifugal filter oil machine、Small filter oil machine equipment such as scientific research、Development、Production、Management for the integration of machinery manufacturers。

We the machinery production of automatic oil press、Screw press、Rapeseed oil press、Peanut oil press、Soybean oil press、Sesame oil press、Small oil press、Oil press accessories、Centrifugal filter oil machine、Vacuum filter oil machine、The small filter oil machine、Multifunction filter oil machine、Oil press equipment、Filter oil machine with complete equipment,A wide variety。Independent development of semi-automatic、Automatic oil press production line,Novel design、Reliable performance、It is easy to operate,Is deep,Products sell well all over the country and exported to countries such as Mali,In the international market。[To check the details]

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Peanut oil press energy conservation and environmental protection,Is your business way...

The machinery automatic peanut oil move after reduction to the spindle,Mounted on the spindle squeezer as rotation,The threaded between oil constantly move forward,Due to squeeze the space between the chamber and squeezer gradually...【To check the details】
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